Transporting wheelchair family and friends made easy


Is your family member and/or friend restricted to wheelchair taxis for transportation? Then Wheel Easy Car Hire, a newly established self drive wheelchair friendly car hire/rental may be the solution for you. We have a fleet of vehicles which have a built in wheelchair making it easy to transport your family and friends. No heavy lifting of a wheelchair into a vehicle or pushing a heavy wheelchair up a ramp.

Your wheelchair passenger rides as a front seat passenger in what looks like a standard car seat but which is actually a wheelchair that is able to be removed from the vehicle. The car seat/wheelchair* easily locks onto the remote controlled ramp and your passenger is smoothly transported into the vehicle. Small car convenience for those who don't need a people mover. Six seater Alphard available for larger groups.

The wheelchair passenger rides with comfort and dignity and part of the group. Take the car seat/wheelchair* from the car to your passenger, put them into the car seat/wheelchair* and off you go, out for a drive by the beach, stop for a coffee, medical appointments, family gatherings to name a few. The passenger stays in the car seat/wheelchair* and you just push the button and they are lifted by the ramp into and out of the car.

We offer a flexible service and accommodate bookings from 1 day to 1 year.

* Car seat/wheelchair is rated to accommodate persons weighing no more than 100kg.